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Two Locations: New York – 631-293-2113
Florida – 561-272-7878

Moving and Storage


Joseph Barton is a full-service moving company that specializes in the transportation and storage of household goods, computerized equipment, office and industrial equipment and other commodities. Joseph Barton serves individual customers, as well as corporations and various government agencies, in local, long distance moving, storage and distribution projects.

From one piece of furniture to one thousand pieces, we efficiently pack, wrap and move your goods to maintain a stress free move. Communications with our customers is second to none. We let you know how, why, when and where.



Joseph Barton can warehouse almost anything for you. Our two warehouses are fully equipped with alarms and sprinklers to ensure your goods are stored in a safe environment.

Our large staging area ensure your cross-docked goods are handled with peak efficiency. Our conservation quality warehouse ensures even the most sensitive items are stored properly. Additionally, we also have a 1000 square foot self-contained area in the warehouse, which is air-conditioned.
The facility is equipped with racking to store your loose and palletized goods, ample floor space to hold large furniture pieces and an air-conditioned area to store your most sensitive items. Once your goods are in the warehouse they are protected with the latest security and fire safety equipment.

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For a direct quote in New York call 631-293-2113
In Florida call 561-272-7878

MC # 218408
US DOT # 381994
NYS DOT # T 32562
Florida Mover
Reg # IM 1232

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