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Two Locations: New York – 631-293-2113
Florida – 561-272-7878

Snowbird Services

JOSEPH BARTON provides weekly door-to-door transportation between New York and Florida and back. We offer a unique array of services, which includes the shipping of wardrobes, suitcases, golf bags, art objects, cartons, and other miscellaneous items. We can move all your belongings and have them at your Florida/New York residence before or after your arrival at your request!

We provide timed appointments with you, your concierge or house sitter. As an additional service to our clients, we offer local and long distance moving, and custom furniture installation. Cars are shipped in an enclosed trailer on a space-available basis and ONLY by appointment.

We would very much appreciate your call the next time that you need one of our services. JOSEPH BARTON has been in business for over thirty years. During that time we have developed a considerable network of business connections and knowledge and are in a position to offer what our clients really want-the best quality service at reasonable cost.

Moving dollys
Snow covered porch
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Florida house

For a direct quote in New York call 631-293-2113
In Florida call 561-272-7878

MC # 218408
US DOT # 381994
NYS DOT # T 32562
Florida Mover
Reg # IM 1232

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